Kindle Fire Security Tips

Set a Password on the Device

Password protect your Kindle Fire from unauthorized access.

From the home screen:

1. Tap the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner (it’s the small gear icon next to the Wi-Fi symbol).





2. From the drop-down menu touch More.




3. Touch Security.



4. Turn ON Lock Screen Password.





5. Enter whatever password you would like to set for the device and tap the Finish button.

This means that when you turn on the device or if the screen goes black when not in use for more than 5 minutes (5 minutes is the default), you will have to enter the password to unlock your Kindle Fire.





Password Protect Wi-Fi

This is a separate password then the one used to join an encrypted password protected network. This password will unlock and enable the Wi-Fi. I have heard this described as a way to prevent your kids from surfing the internet when using the device or if you lend the Kindle to a friend and don’t want them connecting to any wireless networks. Instead of reinventing the wheel the following article explains how to quickly and very easily set this up.

Kindle Fire: Password Protect WiFi

Accelerate Web Page Loading & Enable Encryption

I use these settings when I connect my Kindle Fire to a wireless hot spot. Since most public free Wi-Fi hot spots provide very little security creating this encrypted connection from my device to the Amazon server is the equivalent of an encrypted VPN connection. When I’m on my WPA2 protected home wireless network I will disable these settings.

Depending on what side of the privacy fence your on you may want to read the Amazon usage agreement on how they collect plus how long they store your browsing history when you go through their server using the accelerate page loading setting.

After opening the Silk browser follow the instructions below to enable the accelerate page loading and encryption.

1. On the bottom of the screen tap the icon that looks like a piece of paper with writing on it.

2. When the menu of icons appear tap on Settings.






3. Scroll done the Settings page and find the Accelerate page loading setting.

4. Tap the check box to enable the Accelerate page loading, and you can also enable the Optional Encryption setting. You can only use the encryption setting when the accelerate page loading is enabled.





Don’t Have the Browser Remember Passwords

This one of the settings that brothers me no matter what device or browser people use and I always recommend to never have a browser remember passwords. If the device is lost or stolen and the browser is set to remember passwords it could be the equivalent of running into the local grocery store and leaving your car in the parking lot with the keys in it and the engine running.

1. Follow the instructions above to access the Silk browser settings.

2. On the settings page verify the Remember passwords setting is not checked.



3. Below the Remember passwords setting is the Clear passwords settings. If you did have the browser remember any passwords you can click that to clear out any passwords the browser is storing.

This is just some of the security settings that can be setup on the Kindle Fire. Leave a comment or question, or let me know if you’re using any of these security settings or if there is any other security features you find help protect your Kindle device.

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