Kindle Fire Tips & Tricks Part 2

Push to Kindle

Push to Kindle is quickly becoming one of my favorite Firefox browser add-on apps and it allows me to send web articles to my Kindle Fire device so I can read them later plus make any highlights and notes to the document.

Here are the steps to install and use the Push to Kindle add-on with the Firefox browser.

1. Visit the website.

2. Scroll down the page to the Browser Extensions section.

3. Click on the proper link for your browser to load the Push to Kindle add-on.

4. For this demo I’m using the Firefox browser and after clicking on the Firefox extension link it will take me to the Firefox Push to Kindle add-on page. Click on the green + Add to Firefox button to install the add-on.

5. After installing the Push to Kindle add-on an icon (looks like a pair of hands holding a book open) appears in the upper left corner of the Firefox browser.

6. Now browse to any webpage or blog post to capture.

7. Click on the Push to Kindle icon.

8. The screen will refresh to show a preview of the webpage that will be sent to your Kindle Fire. On this screen there are two email addresses that need to be filled in. One is the Send to address and the other is the Send from address (the addresses are blocked out for this blog post).

9. The Sent to address can be found on your Kindle Fire by clicking on the Docs link from the home page. Look for the Send documents to email address near the top of the screen (address is blocked out for this post).

The Send from email address is the email address associated with your Amazon account, or could be added to your Amazon approved email address list.

10. With the email address fields filled in hit the blue Send button (refer to the screen shot in step 8).

11. After hitting the Send button the screen will update and let you know the document has been sent to your Kindle email address.

12. It may take several minutes, but an email will be delivered to the email address you inserted into the Send from address field letting you know the document was uploaded and is ready. Your Kindle Fire device needs to be connected to a wi-fi network for the document to download and show in the Carousel on the home screen.

13. Tap on the document to open it. You can read through the document and make highlights, notes, and bookmarks like any other book or document on the device.

14. To remove the document from the Carousel or from the device tap on the document and hold until the pop up menu shows up with the options to Remove from Carousel or Remove from Device.

Reset the Kindle Fire to Factory Defaults

I have had my first generation Kindle Fire for 8 plus months and I still love this 7 inch tablet, but I’m very tempted to upgrade to the 7 inch Kindle Fire HD model and that is probably what is behind this tip of how to reset the Kindle Fire device back to the factory default settings. Resetting the device will erase all your personal information and any apps, books, music, etc… you have loaded on the device making it safe to resell the device or give it to someone.

1. First let’s make sure the Kindle Fire device is properly charged.

2. Tap on the Settings cog icon near the upper right corner.

3. Tap on the More icon.

4. On the Settings screen tap on Device.

5. On the Device screen look for the Battery section (it’s the third box down). If the device is not at least 50% charged plug it in and let it charge up before continuing with the reset.

6. If the device is properly charged scroll down the Device screen to the last section and tap on Reset to Factory Defaults.

7. A pop up screen will explain the reset and give you one last chance to Cancel the action, but if you’re good to go to reset the device tap on Erase everything.

8. When the reset is complete the device will reboot and there will be no evidence of your passwords, personal information, downloaded apps, or browsing history.

Drop me a comment on your favorite tip as I’m always looking to learn new ways to use the Kindle Fire device. For more Kindle Fire Tips visit my first post on Kindle Fire Tips and Tricks, and you can also visit my post for some Kindle Fire Security Tips.

Kindle Fire Security Tips

Set a Password on the Device

Password protect your Kindle Fire from unauthorized access.

From the home screen:

1. Tap the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner (it’s the small gear icon next to the Wi-Fi symbol).





2. From the drop-down menu touch More.




3. Touch Security.



4. Turn ON Lock Screen Password.





5. Enter whatever password you would like to set for the device and tap the Finish button.

This means that when you turn on the device or if the screen goes black when not in use for more than 5 minutes (5 minutes is the default), you will have to enter the password to unlock your Kindle Fire.





Password Protect Wi-Fi

This is a separate password then the one used to join an encrypted password protected network. This password will unlock and enable the Wi-Fi. I have heard this described as a way to prevent your kids from surfing the internet when using the device or if you lend the Kindle to a friend and don’t want them connecting to any wireless networks. Instead of reinventing the wheel the following article explains how to quickly and very easily set this up.

Kindle Fire: Password Protect WiFi

Accelerate Web Page Loading & Enable Encryption

I use these settings when I connect my Kindle Fire to a wireless hot spot. Since most public free Wi-Fi hot spots provide very little security creating this encrypted connection from my device to the Amazon server is the equivalent of an encrypted VPN connection. When I’m on my WPA2 protected home wireless network I will disable these settings.

Depending on what side of the privacy fence your on you may want to read the Amazon usage agreement on how they collect plus how long they store your browsing history when you go through their server using the accelerate page loading setting.

After opening the Silk browser follow the instructions below to enable the accelerate page loading and encryption.

1. On the bottom of the screen tap the icon that looks like a piece of paper with writing on it.

2. When the menu of icons appear tap on Settings.






3. Scroll done the Settings page and find the Accelerate page loading setting.

4. Tap the check box to enable the Accelerate page loading, and you can also enable the Optional Encryption setting. You can only use the encryption setting when the accelerate page loading is enabled.





Don’t Have the Browser Remember Passwords

This one of the settings that brothers me no matter what device or browser people use and I always recommend to never have a browser remember passwords. If the device is lost or stolen and the browser is set to remember passwords it could be the equivalent of running into the local grocery store and leaving your car in the parking lot with the keys in it and the engine running.

1. Follow the instructions above to access the Silk browser settings.

2. On the settings page verify the Remember passwords setting is not checked.



3. Below the Remember passwords setting is the Clear passwords settings. If you did have the browser remember any passwords you can click that to clear out any passwords the browser is storing.

This is just some of the security settings that can be setup on the Kindle Fire. Leave a comment or question, or let me know if you’re using any of these security settings or if there is any other security features you find help protect your Kindle device.

Kindle Fire Tips & Tricks

Some tips and tricks I have collected about the Kindle Fire. Most of information listed here I have found on the internet and have tried to give back links to the original posts.

Can Not Connect to 5 GHz Wireless

After receiving the Kindle Fire I first tried to connect the device to my home wireless network. The Kindle Fire would not find my 5 GHz network, so I tried adding it manually, and again no luck. I found the following article that explains the chipset in the Kindle Fire does not support 802.11a / 5 GHz, bummer!

Copy and Paste Text

Evernote is an application I like to use on my Win 7 laptop and I was very excited to see this app available for the Kindle Fire. After installing the app on my Kindle Fire I went to the browser to test how to copy text into a note and found this on a Kindle Fire help forum.
-long press on the text you want to copy (I tested in the browser)
-it will bring up the two sliders and highlight the word you held on
-move the sliders to expand the selection you want to copy
-click once on the selected text
-a message will popup saying text copied
-go to where you want to paste the text (I tested using Evernote)
-long press on the spot you want to paste (make sure you’re in typing/edit mode, if you can’t type text you wont be able to paste either)
-a popup will ask if you want to paste, click paste

Hard Reset

Not a good feeling when your device freezes up and you’re not sure what to do. The only button on the device is the power button and hitting that does nothing, now what!

Step 1: Hard Reset: Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and then release.

Step 2: Tap the Power Button: After the first 20 second hold of the power button wait about 1 second and hit the power button again. I received the Kindle Fire screen for about 20 seconds and then my regular login screen showed up.

ES File Explorer

Nice app to browse and manage the folders and files on the device, and ES File Explorer is a free app available in the Amazon app store.

ES File Explorer details page

Transfer and Read PDF Files

Awesome instructions with screen shots that explain the two ways to transfer and read PDF files on the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire: How to Transfer and Read PDF Files

Too Many Tabs in the Amazon Silk Browser

To clear out all the tabs at once, you can touch one tab, hold down on it and then select the option to close all tabs from the pop up. You will then have a fresh browser with no open tabs. Sorry, no link on this tip and not sure where I found it.


Some great instructions to convert ebooks or PDF files to mobi format and transfer those files to the Kindle Fire for reading. Need the data transfer cable to transfer files from the Calibre program on your laptop to the Kindle Fire device. Cable is not included, but it is under ten dollars online from the Amazon Kindle accessories.

How to make e-books show up under “Books” on the Kindle Fire

Data Transfer Cable

This is just a handful of tips I found useful, and there is plenty of other tips for the Kindle Fire beside the ones I listed here. Drop me a comment on you favorite tip as I’m always looking to learn new ways to use the Kindle Fire device, and come back next week as I will post some security settings for the Kindle Fire to help protect the device.