Hello… my name is Dale and thanks for visiting my WordPress blog! I started the blog in early 2012 while studying for the CWNA and CWSP certification exams as a way to help myself further research and learn wireless and security related topics. At the same time it was my way of giving back since so many great people have shared their advice and knowledge with me during my studies.

I’m by no means an expert, but I have a passion for wireless, security, pen testing, and enjoy working with, researching, and developing skills related to these topics, and most important interacting and talking to other people with similar interests. So, please look around the site and leave any comments, questions, and/or suggestions at the end of any blog entry.

Thanks again for visiting, and I can also be followed on Twitter where I tweet or retweet about networking, wireless, IT security, and pen testing.


Have a great day, Dale

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