Virtual High Five for Wireless Field Day 5!

WFD-Logo1-wpcf_400x398With just over a week to Wireless Field Day 5 I wanted to say thank you to Stephen Foskett (@sfoskett) and the Wireless Field Day crew. I was so honored when asked about attending Wireless Field Day 5 and have been totally impressed with the planning, communication, and organization of the event. Stephen and crew have worked hard to plan so many of the details I feel my only responsibility is making the flight and bringing some extra clothes!

To increase my excitement for WFD5 I have checked out blog posts from past WFD attendees and they really paint a picture of the events being nothing short of excellent with great people coming together to share their technical knowledge.

One such article, “The Value of Tech Field Day” by @pandom_ has circulated on Twitter this past week.

I have never personally met the other delegates, but have run across or had conversations with most if not all of them through social media. I do consider the other delegates the “rock stars” of the wireless world and really look forward to meeting them and talking wireless, but mostly learning as much as I can cram into my memory!

Stephen and crew have also set up a great lineup of vendor presentations and since I first saw the lineup 2 or 3 more vendors were added, and at last glance there are 9 vendors presenting at the conference!

Between rubbing elbows with the other delegates and seeing the vendor presentations I will be on information overload and I wish I could stick a USB drive in my ear to help bring home the material and knowledge I’m sure to learn.

Thanks to Stephen, the WFD5 crew, the other delegates, and the vendors! Being a Wireless Field Day newbie everyone has been tremendous and made me feel welcome and already part of the Wireless Field Day family!

Thank You! Dale

Any one wanting to check out the list of delegates along with the vendor presentation schedule can visit the Wireless Field Day 5 website, and the event can be followed on Twitter with the #WFD5 hash tag.

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